Hello, I’m Alice

Tripping and stumbling through the woods,

it’s dark and I’m alone. 

Don’t be scared.

There’s nothing to be scared of.

Hear a sound, run behind a tree, and

suddenly I’m falling.

Air around me, rushing currents

of words I can’t understand.

They go so fast. Where

am I? Lost underground? 

Peeking through the door at the Caterpillar.

Smells like smoke, like my Grandmother’s

old attic. And the Cheshire Cat,

offering me advice from his lofty limb.

Grinning like he owns the world.

Does he? Where am I?

Doesn’t matter.

Except for the Mad Hatter, the Red Queen,

they matter. Jaberwocky, Dormouse, they matter, too.

I am lost again, wandering. 

Flowers talk and characters wander,

all of them so intriguing. 

“We’re all mad here.”

“The best ones always are.”

Smiling like the Cheshire Cat,

and mad as a hatter,

I’m free-falling again.

I feel no pain. I am alive.

I am in Wonderland!

Hello, my name is Alice.


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