Home and Going

My last Homecoming dance went well. Daniel looked so nice and Britney and I enjoyed our day together chilling out and watching movies on my couch.
Now it’s time to get serious about academics. I have to sit down and just DO everything I need to do. I also need to find a new job. I couldn’t handle the stress of Plato’s Closet anymore. This is my last week.
Anyway…Daniel and I are doing well. He is my busy bee and I am his little duck and we love each other. He got accepted to UCL over in Britain, which is both terrifying and exciting. Hopefully I’ll get into the world exchange program at GVSU and spend 2 years abroad in England as well. We agreed to attempt long distance amd see how it works. I’m slightly worried that I’m the only one who wants it to work sometimes, but that’s just who Daniel is.
In all honesty I would be glad to have him as my forever human. I love Daniel very much. Today is actually 8 months together.
Hopefully it’s going to be a good day.

Keep the Drama out of the Drama Department

I love Theatre, if you can’t tell. I’ve been blogging about it since I started a year and half ago. But my one happy place has been tainted by a girl who can’t seem to get her act together (no pun intended).

I work my tail off in that class to do well so the production will be amazing. This is our beloved teacher, Mrs. Bach’s, last year. This is her final Advanced Theatre show and I want more than anything for it to be perfect. Or at least really good…but this girl.

She keeps posting things about me on Facebook, getting up in my face about things, and she’s in my cast so I can’t just ignore her in the hopes that she’ll go away. We have to work together and she’s making it really difficult.


My Fate is Sealed (in a White Envelope)

So last night my stepmom posted some pretty confusing links on my Facebook timeline. “Fun things to do in Allendale!” one of them read, the next was, “Housing in Allendale!” I was very bewildered by the random posts until she followed up with a picture of a large white envelope/package that read “Admitted Student Information” in large orange letters with my name on it.

I am a Laker! I will be attending Grand Valley State University in the fall of 2015.

It makes me really happy because they’re such a great school. They have a deaf population so I can get involved with that, they have an amazing LGBT community that’s rather large, and they also have an exchange program that they personalize so you can attend any college in the world and have transferable credits to graduate with!

I am so amazingly happy.

Death Cab for Cutie

I found my new musical obsession. I love Death Cab for Cutie because their lyrics are sad, yearning, and beautiful. They have happy songs I Will Follow You Into the Dark, and sad songs Someday You Will be Loved, and songs that mix the two so beautifully, Sound of Settling. 

I really suggest this band for writers, because his voice doesn’t overpower the thinking process but it’s nice and lulling and sweet to listen to. I could just listen contently for a long time and fall asleep to it.

Have this link to the full album of TransatlanticismI would also suggest Plans

I love Plans a lot.

Daniel and Homework

Today is probably going to be spent doing a lot of homework, and maybe watching some Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have read so much about the Papacy and the spread of Protestantism in Europe in the sixteenth century, it almost hurts. I never needed to know this much about religion. Now when the religious wars are over, hopefully I can do some fun learning about other things…like the royalty and culture. Queen Elizabeth I was a pretty fantastic woman.

On another note, Daniel bought me some rainbow shoelaces! That was a nice surprising gift. Now I can quietly participate in the gay community (yay).

I asked him to Homecoming yesterday! I had a scavenger hunt all set up and there were a bunch of different gifts to go with the different clues…it was really fun. I had a blast watching Daniel find all the different stuff and he seemed so happy all day. I love making him smile, because he always makes me so freakishly happy. Daniel deserves a lot of love.

Hey! Can I have some advice? I really love Daniel, but he’s not a super physical person. He’s very busy most of the time so we don’t get to see each other outside of school a lot, but I really enjoy physical affection. What do I do? I want to find a balance between the cute, romantic love I really enjoy and the physical cuddly affection my teenage hormones seem to demand. How do I create a relationship that makes everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) easy to talk about?

Well, I have to go take more notes about the religious and political revolutions in the sixteenth century.

Good Dreams and Bad Dreams

I feel like I’ll never sleep again

I’m clinging to the edge of consciousness

And your face looms before me

Like the dream I had the other night

The nightmare where you couldn’t

Hear or see me

That was terrifying

And I need you right here beside me

Hold me close under the covers

While you whisper in my ear

And I’ll hold onto you forever

Or at least as long as you’ll let me stick around

Cause you’re the best damn dream

I’ve ever had