I want to hold you close to me
I’m going to whisper into your hair
“Darling, you’re wonderful.”
While you are resting there

Close your eyes against the light
Let me whisper into your ear
“My love, you’re wonderful.”
Just while you’re lying here

Take a breath and heave a sigh
And I’ll whisper against your smile
“Sweetheart, you’re wonderful.”
Please say you’ll stay awhile

Nuzzle up against my side
And I’ll mumble into your chest
“My everything, you’re wonderful.”
And you’re the very best

Pain is Temporary, Awesome is Forever

I have spent the past week taking part in a traveling circus that is visiting my school. This is the third consecutive year I have taken part in the circus, and this year I’ve pushed myself even harder than before. The first year I was in contortion and floor acrobatics. Last year I did triple trapeze. This year I am doing both contortion and areal hoops (lyra). The two most painful acts our school will be doing. I’ve spent over 20 hours working over the past week, and in another week I will be performing. 

It is intense, painful, and exhausting. I haven’t gotten enough sleep the entire week and I have multiple injuries and plenty of bruises from my training efforts. But it’s worth it. Every second of pain, every aching muscle…when the stage is lit and the performance is happening, the entire world falls into place. My heart is in the theatre, on the stage. No matter what I am doing, I love it! 

As the coaches say: Pain is temporary, awesome is forever! 

I can’t wait for the performance of Hotel du Cirque!

Shall We Dance?

Inspired to watch this again by a conversation with Dan, I remembered just how much I loved this musical as a child. This song, especially. Whenever it would play I would clumsily waltz by myself, my arms around an invisible Yul Brynner.
This musical means a lot to me and this song does too. If you watch, you’ll want to smile and dance along. Even the instrumental part without any lyrics at all is moving and wonderful.
Shall we dance?

I love you like crazy!

Walking and feeling like an idiot with every single syllable 

That’s spilling from my mouth

And leaning against you as you lean against 

The side of my moody black car

You’ve got your arms around me and your face in my neck

Pressing gentle kisses with soft lips

Noses touching in an almost comical fashion

And every time you say “I love you” it sounds so reverent

As if you’re afraid you’ll break the words

If you speak them too loudly

And on the too-long drive from my house to yours

You sing along to almost every song on the radio 

It makes me so happy to hear you

To see your passenger seat percussion (perfect, of course)

Because knowing that you’ll church-whisper those words to me again

Makes me the luckiest girl in the world

In the universe

So I want you to know that with every word I type, say, think

I love you, too, so much I think I might be crazy


Right as Rain

So where I live, the world is a soggy mess of rain and melting snow. The inhabitants of my city are sick and tired of the grey, bland, nastiness of the weather. They’re begging for heat and sun and blue skies. But I really love the rain.

I love the sound it makes when it hits the windows or the pavement or a puddle. I like to sit in the window with a cup of hot tea or coffee and watch it fall or listen to it as I read a book. When our corner of the world heats up a little and it turns into heavy, warm, summer rain, my favorite thing to do is go outside and dance in it until I can fling water droplets off the end of my hair like the crazy person that I am.

Rain is beautiful. It means rejuvenation, new life, and growth! Rain is a sign of fertility, happiness, and peace.

The damp warning in the breeze, the heavy taste of an approaching storm, the way you can sort of smell it on the air…there are ways to tell when it’s about to rain. And as much as I love watching it and enjoying it and running around in it, those first few moments when you catch the scent of it on the breeze, in the split second before the drops fall…those are my favorite moments. The world just feels right when it’s raining.

Never Quite Free – American Sign Language

I’ve been taking ASL and his was the final project of my second trimester of the class. I really love this song (written by The Mountain Goats and sung by Dan) so I used it for my big finale. I know my face is kind of blank and it should be more expressive, but I recorded this a couple weeks after the class was finished so I was mostly focusing on remembering the signs. I’m going to do another song soon. Probably something from Disney. It helps me learn…
Anyway if you like the music in the video, you can also check out Dan here: https://soundcloud.com/daniel-hansen-18

The Return of Ferdinand

The Return of Ferdinand

It’s almost Tuesday! To those of you who watch Supernatural this means that oh dear a time loop.
To the rest of you it’s a normal Tuesday, maybe with an event, maybe with plans, maybe you’re travelling somewhere for Spring Break…but for me it means the return of my love from Hawaii!
I probably won’t get to see Dan until Wednesday or Thursday, but HE’LL BE HOME. In the city where we live in his little house down the road. He will be three minutes away. In this timezone. Close enough to bike to if I wanted. I’m so happy I could just explode.
I’m going to run to him and jump on him and kiss him till he yells at me to stop because I missed him so terribly much.